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In the Full Moon Crystals bundle, we include five crystals that support releasing what no longer serves, letting go and surrender, from multiple perspectives.

Snowflake Obsidian - brings fears to the surface to be resolved, detoxification, balance

Shungite - purification, protection, grounding, anchoring your spiritual light

Chrysocolla - draws out guilt, promotes self-awareness and communication, cleanses the aura, enhances intuition, calming, heart healing

Howlite - expanding consciousness, calming, surrender, promotes healthy emotions

Rose Quartz - heart healing, relationship harmony, attractive love, emotional balance


Each bundle also comes with a keepsake bag and a cute little card explaining the crystal properties. * Healing crystal energy for working with full moon energy * Exclusively curated by Certified Crystal Healer, Sarah Belle * Makes a perfect gift for anyone

Full Moon Crystal Set


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