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Spiritual wellness is an important part of your overall wellness.

Benefits of spiritual wellness

Some of the benefits of spiritual wellness include having compassion, the capacity for love and forgiveness, altruism, joy, and fulfillment. Your religious faith, values, beliefs, principles and morals define your spirituality and can help you enjoy your spiritual health.

If you’re a person engaged in the process of spiritual wellness, you’re willing and able to transcend yourself to question the meaning and purpose in your life and the lives of others. In addition, you seek to find harmony between that which lies within and the social and physical forces that come from outside.

To invest in your spiritual wellness, it’s important to enjoy the little pleasures in life. You can do that by first setting aside some time for daily relaxation: take regular nature walks, sign up for Chad's breath work classy or simply find a quiet corner to meditate.


The subscriptions below will allow you to be part of your own growth in order to take ownership of your own spiritual wellbeing. 

The importance of spiritual wellness

As we age, it’s easy to feel socially isolated as lifelong friends or your spouse passes on. It’s during these times people often question their life and reason for being. That’s when having a spiritual community – like the community Chad can bring to your life, etc. – can become an important support system. The right group can relate to what you’re going through and help you better understand how you’re feeling and what next steps you should take. 

Choose your spiritual wellness plan

  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    over 200 hundred dollar value
    • One hour reiki session
    • 20 dollars of any service OR 20 dollar gift card for others
    • 30 minute crystal bed session with binaural beats
    • free Healy personal frequency scan
    • one free breath work class per. month
    • aura photography scan
  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    over 100 dollar value
    • 1/2 hour reiki session
    • 30 min crystal bed session with binaural beats
    • 10 dollars off any session OR 10 gift card for others
    • aura photography scan
  • Best Value

    Platinum Membership

    Every month
    over 300 dollar value
    • One hour reiki session (or) two half hour sessions
    • 2 crystal bed sessions with binuaral beats
    • 2 free breath work classes per month
    • 50 dollars off any other session
    • Free Healy scan with micro current
    • turn the 50 dollar off per month into a gift card for others
    • aura photography scan
    • priority scheduling

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