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Spiritual wellness is an important part of your overall wellness.

Elevate Your Well-being with Our Membership/Packages Options


Unveiling the Power of Transformation

Our frequency sessions for the Radiance and Essence Membership frequency sessions feature the remarkable synergy of 5 Itera wands and 2 Tesla coils infused with quartz energy. The copper Tesla coils, renowned for their conductivity, work in harmony with the intensifying energy of quartz crystals. This dynamic duo amplifies the effects of scalar energy, facilitating deep rejuvenation and cellular vitality. One session is equivalent to 85 Reiki sessions, yes you read that right, it's also equivalent to 25 cupping sessions, and the effects of 15 massages. It is an experience that can't be explained. 

A Multifaceted Experience

As you bask in the healing frequencies, immerse yourself in meticulously crafted meditations. These meditations encompass heart activations, archangel connections, and trauma release, interwoven with potent solfeggio frequencies. Every session offers an unforgettable journey toward higher consciousness and profound healing.

The Essence Membership: 

Rejuvenate Monthly

Experience the transformative power of frequency work with our Essence Membership. Harness the vitality of scalar energy as you immerse yourself in sessions designed to enhance your overall well-being. Choose from our carefully curated options:

  • Essence 5x/month (30 minutes): $98
    Recharge and realign with five invigorating 30-minute sessions per month. Feel the radiance of scalar energy infusing your cells and revitalizing your spirit.

  • Essence 5x/month (1 hour): $198 MOST POPULAR
    Dive deeper into the healing realm with extended one-hour sessions. Bask in the restorative embrace of scalar energy and emerge renewed.

The Radiance Packages: 

Unleash Your Potential

Ignite your inner radiance and maintain your wellness journey with our Radiance Membership. Experience the unparalleled benefits of frequency work, all while enjoying exclusive perks:

  • Radiance 3 sessions (30 minutes): $199
    Elevate your energy three times a month with invigorating 30-minute sessions. Unleash your potential and radiate well-being.

  • Radiance 5 sessions (30 minutes): $369
    Immerse yourself in the transformative frequencies five times a month. Embrace vitality and embrace the radiant you.

  • Radiance 10 sessions (30 minutes): $777
    Dive into a comprehensive wellness routine with ten 30-minute sessions a month. Experience the full spectrum of benefits as you embody balance and vibrancy.

Choose your spiritual wellness plan

  • The Essence Membership

    Every month
    30 min sessions
    • The Essence Membership
  • Essence Membership 30 Min

    Every month
    • The Essence Membership 30 Min

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