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Image by Donald Giannatti

Shaman Class 2023


This class is a training in Quantum Energy Healing and Shamanism. The first half of the class focuses on Quantum Energy Healing and covers topics such as creating Sacred Space, the human energy body, the aura, the chakra system, and self-healing techniques. The second half of the class delves into the basics and advanced teachings of Shamanism, including journeying, soul retrieval, entity attachment and possession, intention, trauma, and various healing modalities. The class also includes exercises, practices, and certifications in "Advanced Quantum Healing" and "Spiritual Life Coaching." The class concludes with a ceremony and graduation, where students will receive certification in "Shamanic Studies."




Image by Jonathan Larson

Dear Future Student:

Welcome to my shamanic practitioner, advanced quantum energetic, and spiritual life coaching class! I am excited to embark on this journey with you and I am confident that you will find this class to be an incredibly transformative and empowering experience.

Throughout the course of the year, you will learn a wide variety of techniques and practices that will help you to access and harness the power of the shamanic, quantum, and spiritual realms. By studying under experienced teachers, practitioners and previous students, you will gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual and energetic aspects of reality and learn how to use this understanding to improve your life in many ways. You will also gain the knowledge to help future clients who may feel stuck in their lives. You hold so much power in this moment Welcome to class!!! The future needs you!

Some of the benefits that you can expect to receive from this class include:

  • Improved physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

  • Greater access to your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Increased ability to manifest your desires and goals

  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all things

  • A deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment

In addition to the learning, you will be a part of a supportive community of fellow students, who will be sharing their own experiences and knowledge, and we believe that you will find this to be an incredibly valuable and rewarding aspect of the class.

I look forward to meeting you in class and I am excited to see the progress and transformation you will make over the next year.


The Benefits

This year long class will provide a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Increased spiritual awareness and connection to the natural world

  2. Greater understanding of indigenous cultures and traditional spiritual practices

  3. Personal growth and self-discovery through journey work and other shamanic practices

  4. Techniques for healing oneself and others

  5. Developing intuition and psychic abilities

  6. Learning to communicate with non-ordinary reality and the spirit world

  7. Greater understanding of one's own personal power and ability to manifest change.

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