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Chad Fisher

Owner and Founder


As a certified and experienced Shaman, Reiki Master and Energetic Healing Practitioner, Chad is dedicated to helping others break through their limiting beliefs to achieve the self-transformation they seek, within a safe, non-judgmental space of inclusivity and openness.



Chad has created a practice that is focused on healing the individual within to enkindle a vibration of change that is customized to the unique needs and goals of each client. He hopes that his own personal transformation story will act as a guide for others who feel stuck, blocked or disheartened in their own lives.  



Chad has learned life changing information from some of the most celebrated and influential healers, spiritual teachers and success gurus in the world, during his own exploration of self, including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and Michael Beckwith. He has also visited numerous sacred and indigenous sites to further expand upon his extensive training and studies. Chad utilizes and shares this wealth of knowledge with his clients and students to apply in their own lives; helping them overcome any obstacles that may be hindering the growth and self-discovery they wish to achieve. 

"We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll

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