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In the Chill Crystals bundle, I include these five crystals that are known to reduce stress and anxiety so you can chill out and relax a little:

Amazonite - tranquility, peace, calming, relieves stress, resolves heart trauma, truth, integrity

Polychrome Jasper - supreme nurturer, comforting during times of high stress, wholeness

Blue Chalcedony - relieves hostility and irritability, balance, thinking before you speak

Howlite - calming, surrender, connecting to higher consciousness Lepidolite - relieves anxiety and depression, stabilizes mood, promotes calming vibes


Each bundle also comes with a keepsake bag and a cute little card explaining the crystal properties. * Healing crystal energy for soothing your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a calm, peaceful state * Exclusively curated by Certified Crystal Healer, Sarah Belle * Makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in holistic living and raising their vibration * Perfect for carrying with you throughout the day,

Chill Crystal Set


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