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Chad Fisher

Owner/Operator of Chad Fisher Healing 

Chad Fisher is the owner and founder of Chad Fisher Healing. As a certified Shaman, Reiki Master and Quantum Energetic Healing Practitioner, Chad has studied and trained under some of the most influential healers, spiritual teachers and success gurus in the industry, including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and Michael Beckwith. As part of his practice, Chad utilizes and shares this wealth of knowledge with his clients and students to apply in their own lives; helping them overcome any obstacles that may be hindering the changes they wish to achieve. 

Chad has spent extensive time alone in the jungles of Peru in 2021 learning and participating in many plant ceremonies to promote healing for himself and his future clients.  During his time in Peru, Chad was gifted special spiritual gifts and insights from his Shamanic healer who is well known in the spiritual arena. 

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Rashin Nika


Rishin Nika is a Shipibo Maestro from the Ucayali region of Peru who has more than thirty years of experience in working with plant medicines of the jungle. As a youth he apprenticed with several maestros, but it was his grandfather, also named Reshin Nika and who lived to over 100 years old, with whom he developed the deepest connection.

Several of his children have also chosen to embrace the traditions they’ve inherited, and his father is a Maestro as well, which means that Reshin Nika is part four generation lineage of vegatalistas (plant medicine healers).

Reshin Nika is humble yet charismatic, and is an engaging storyteller. Though not a practicing vegatalista herself, Reshin Nika is usually joined by his partner Katey during ceremonies.

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Ashley (Ash)

Manager Co-Owner

Ashley is an experienced shamanic healer and co-owner at The Garden of Peace. Originally from the South of England he has traveled the world for many years. Ashley has been studying sacred plant medicines and shamanism in Peru for the past 14 years and spent much of that time in traditional master plant diets under the guidance of his teachers. He is an experienced retreat facilitator with a clear understand of the complex nature of supporting others through physical, mental and emotional healing. 

He loves surfing, travel, mangoes, making music, nature and his magical Chihuaha Mayu who also lives at the centre.

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Katlyn Rose


Pennsylvania-born Katlyn Rose has worked with psychedelic medicines for over 16 years, focusing on plant medicines and drawing on her work with Peruvian and Ecuadoran Amazon tribes, as well as from her process of dieting alone in the jungle with plants for the past four years.

Katlyn experienced profound personal healing from depression, PTSD, and a number of physical ailments through her deep work with ayahuasca and various master plants, and she shares her passion for the transformative power of these medicines as founder of the Psychedelic Club of Pittsburgh and as the director of awards and operations with the Sleeping Octopus Assembly on Psychedelics (SOAP), co-hosted by MAPS and the Pittsburgh Psychedelic Society. She also facilitates a peer-to-peer integration group and organizes community events to promote responsible use of psychedelics.

Most recently she was awarded a "Cosmic Sister Emerging Voice Award" by the psychedelic feminist organization Cosmic Sister for her unique voice within the plant medicine movement. She is also a certified trauma informed plant medicine facilitator through Aya Healing Retreats.

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