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Sound Bowl Therapy effects every cell in the body

  • 1 h
  • 100 US dollars
  • Zenn Den Wellnes

Service Description

Quantum science has now proven that everything in the universe is a vibration, from plants to stones to human beings, we are all vibrating at specific frequencies. Even our thoughts, speech and intentions construct the world around us. Dr. Emoto was an amazing scientist from Japan that did research on infusing water with thoughts, speech and intentions. He proved exposing the water to both negative and positive thoughts, speech and intentions and flash froze the water. When anything positive was infused with the water it would become translucent and would make beautiful geometric patterns in the water. Anything negative infused in the water would make it opaque and create patterns that were not geometric. ​ We have a signature health vibration that effects our mind, body and soul. When negative energies reside within us, it restricts us from our ability in reaching our fullest state of being. A singing bowl is just a tool that enables us to reprogram our body through sound and vibration. Depending on its application, it can achieve so many different forms of healing. There isn’t a system throughout the body that it doesn’t interact with, it literally realigns our cells. What can singing bowl therapy do? lessen pain. improve sleep. reduce anger. improve blood pressure. improve respiratory rate. reduce depression. improve general well-being.

Contact Details

  • 2619 Leisczs Bridge Road, Leesport, PA, USA


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