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Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 US dollars
  • Zenn Den Wellnes

Service Description

In this hour and a half session, Chad works within your information field to bring about rapid change within the continuum of consciousness. He will help you to clear old and outdated information and help to allow movement into the timeline that suites your highest and best at this very moment. Contains frequencies for the following in each session: 1. Initiation into the Fabric of the Universe. 2. Releasing/ Completing Karma A natural anesthetic. Removes pain physically, energetically, and karmically. Gifts your organs with a sense of security, safety, peace, and love, inspiring them to function optimally. Affects us on the lowest plane, namely that of our physical body and energy. 3. Quantum Remembering 4. Release from Belief Systems. 5. Christ Consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid Frequency (inside). Instantly stimulates the Pineal gland which is our Third Eye. 6. Dimensional Openness. 7. Facilitating Change – Just as guilt and fear can be an obstacle along the path to growth, so too can the traumatic experiences we’ve gone through that weigh heavy in the back of our minds. Washes away negative memories and influences from our mind and soul, helping us change our perspective and face the present moment with renewed spirit. 8. The “MI” tone is the “love frequency.” to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. central to creation and to restore inner equilibrium, increase awareness, repair DNA, and stimulate transformation. Returns your DNA to its original, perfect state, repairing DNA. When used with intention, miracles will happen. It increases the amount of life prana, life force energy, clarity of mind, higher awareness, spiritual awakening, and enhanced creativity. EXAMPLES OF SOME MODALITIES USED ARE: -Polarizing the energy field -Quantum soul retrieval -Healy frequency device - set to your own personal frequency based on initial scan -Soul contract reconditioning -Clearing karmic debt -Shamanic journeying -DNA clearing for activation into higher levels of consciousness i.e. 5D -Past life trauma release -Removal of all ancestral trauma -Full entity removal and clearing from energy field -Akashic record reading and discovery of said records -Energetic cord and psychic connection cutting -curse and hex removal and clearing -Negative thought program removal with transmutation of love replacement -Light retrieval and all energy retrieval from past, present and future PLUS MANY MORE

Contact Details

  • 2619 Leisczs Bridge Road, Leesport, PA, USA


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