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Laws of the Universe - Law of Receiving

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

I’m going to try to make this short and to the point, but it probably won’t be.

To simply put this Law in laymen’s terms, you only get what you put out. So, what the hell does that mean? Well, it’s like this, if you are putting out the feeling of love and joy, you will be given that feeling back to you, if you put out the feeling of sadness and hate, you will get that feeling back to you, If you put out lack of money, or lack of anything you get that “lack of” in your reality.

This is the Law that is the most transforming and rewarding law. If you “think” you can’t give, even if it’s a compliment to a stranger, then you will never receive a like minded compliment back at you.

This is the Law that can really transform your life. Something I didn’t understand about this Law, but now do, is that it’s not always based on money, well it can be, but not always. What “gift” can you bring someone? It can be as simple as a hand written note or an encouraging email or just a simple smile. I like to bring laughter, that’s a great gift to give.

Now, where the Law gets tricky for some, myself included is where we actually wait to receive. In that waiting period we must have unwavering faith. If you did everything mentioned above and you gave, whether it be money or a smile or a hand written note, as long as you’re not giving and then saying, oh shit, I shouldn’t have given that money or that “thing” you gave, then you will receive something back to you on a equal or typically better vibrational offering then what you put into it.

Look at it like this.... you want a lovely yellow Polka dot bikini. (I mean you do have good taste). You know have your thought of what you want (Law of thinking). The bikini (Law of supply) is the physical form of what you thought. The Law of attraction is trying to give you want you want because it’s the whole process at work together here, but something Is off... you don’t have room for a bikini. Your closet has way to many of them, so the last step you decide to do is GIVE your other bikinis to charity or friends to make room for your new brightly colored polka dot bikini, because let’s me honest with yourself, you want that bikini on fucking display. (This is the Law of Receiving). In that giving step, it allowed you room to get what you want. Then one day, I show up at your house with a new gift, it’s a lovely bikini and it was buy one get one free day at Saks Fifth Avenue (yes I too have great taste) and now you have two brightly colored yellow polka dot bikinis. Because sometimes, the clearing of that closet that you did to make room for the bikini has now created you to get two of those bikinis. That is the process at work here. After you do your work and follow all the laws as best as possible, you wait to receive. (Don’t forgot to water your sunflower.. very important step day three of you have no idea what I’m talking about) This analogy is one example of many, I just used it so you could all relate.

Part of this law is waiting to receive, have faith and it will happen and one day you too can have a yellow polka dot bikini. Plus, having a friend who knows that you may want a yellow polka dot bikini will never hurt. Just saying.

I call this the “Act of Kindness Law” because that’s really what it is. Example: Giving up your old bikinis was an act of kindness to help others without bikinis and that “allowed” you to “receive”.

I hear that a lot on my coursework, you have to allow yourself to receive and I really didn’t know what that meant, now I know and so do you!!!

I know there are tons of grammatical errors in this post. When my thoughts flow, I don’t have time to go back and make sure I didn’t miss a comma or maybe I added to many commas, I don’t know you get the point.

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