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Laws of the Universe - The Law of Thinking

I have learned it’s impossible to think a happy thought at the same time you’re thinking a bad thought. I tried to do that today, I was thinking of a situation that made me sad... I festered about it, my body shifted and my demeanor changed. I did that on a timer for 2 minutes and my only thought of that situation (I was thinking about my parents untimely death so you get the idea of my thought). During that time not a single happy thought even came to me. The timer is the only reason why I stoped. But, the amazing thing is this.... when I did my happy thought my timer didn’t go off for some reason and I spent 10 min in happy bliss. I was thinking it was only two min until I realized what the hell was going on. Once you’re in a happy feeling thought, not even you’re timer can stop you. (I should put that on a t shirt). Moral of the story is I couldn’t be happy in a sad thought and I could not be sad in a happy thought. So my lesson today that I learned is that it’s ok to have unhappy thoughts, we all do, but I will not allow myself to get stuck there.

When we are happy and feeling great, our bodies actually respond in a positive way. It does this by creating more new healthy cells, increasing the effectiveness of the immune system and by improving the efficiency of the digestive system and metabolism which strengthens our entire physiology.

Yet when we are sad and feeling low, our bodies respond in a negative way. This happens by it producing fewer new cells, inhibiting the immune system and leaving us more susceptible to the attack of unfriendly bacteria and viruses leading to illness. At the same time, the digestive system and metabolism are depressed, which weakens our physiology.

This law and all the other laws I will talk about work the same way as the Law of Gravity they are working together weather we believe them or not. I mentioned the law of gravity because if I fall from a 10 story building, that Law does its job like it’s designed too, so it kinda makes it easy to understand in that context. I’m not just going to walk out in thin air and decide, nah I want to come back now, it doesn’t work that way. And if I do fall from a 10 story building I hope I’m doing something cool like zip lining from building to building or some cool shit like that.

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